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Sarah Swersey teaches flute privately and at the Northampton (Mass.) Community Music Center. A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory and Yale University School of Music, she also has taught improvisation to young conservatory students at Kinhaven and Greenwood music camps and the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra’s summer camp.

“Sarah, in addition to being a wonderful player with a big, gorgeous sound, is a gifted and skillful teacher,” says Jim Weber, who has studied with Sarah. “She listens intently, identifies underlying problems and suggests specific ways to work through them. I feel I have made great progress working with her. Her standards are high, and she demands a lot. For the serious student, Sarah is the real thing.”


Trained and certified as a yoga teacher in 1997 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, and having gone on to train extensively in Anusara Yoga, Sarah has taught privately and at centers in New York, Boston, and, most recently, Northampton, Mass. Combining her music and yoga backgrounds, Sarah is the creator of a workshop, "The Flexible Flutist," which she has presented at conservatories and muasic camps in the Northeast.

Young musicians who have participated in the youga-for-musicians workshop have reported being astounded by the before and after. That is, the difference in their playing – the sound of their instrument, the feeling in their bodies – after an hour of yoga. Sarah isolates the stretches, postures, and breathing exercises that address the particular needs of musicians, and sends students home with a handbook aimed at helping make the changes they feel be long-lasting.

To inquire about private flute lessons or about bringing “The Flexible Flutist” to your conservatory or camp, call Sarah at 413-262-5798 or click here to e-mail her.

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